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Plastic Shims and Gaskets offers a range of Cork gasket materials made from clean, ground cork and combined with nitrile and polycloroprene binders which are consistently uniform in quality and content.
The cellular construction of cork, together with the inherent properties of rubber (natural and synthetic) present in "RUBBERISED CORK" closely approach the perfect gasket material. More than 50% of cork's volume is accounted far by air within the cork cells, hence compression does not produce lateral spread and the high strength of the cell walls ensures good recovery properties. The flowing characteristics of rubber, its ability to withstand high vacuum and the action of hot oils are all desirable features of a good gasket material. All these properties are present in the range of rubberised cork Gaskets manufactured by PSG.
Rubberised cork sheets are produced from top quality cork intimately bonded with a synthetic rubber, which may be SBR, nitrile or neoprene type. This provides a material in which the natural compressibility of cork is combined with the resilience and mechanical strength of rubber.

The chemical properties of the material are determined partly by those of the cork and largely by the type of the rubber used. Cork bonded with synthetic rubber such as neoprene can be used, amongst other purpose, for crank case and inspection doors on diesel and gas engines and for valve covers, sump, oil and water pumps on internal combustion engines. It is also used for electrical transformers, control gear, switch gear and cable boxes. The material is mostly used at sustained operating temperatures not exceeding 120o C, Special materials made up with silicone may be used in higher temperatures, depending on environment.





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